Survey Says That Men With Beards Are More Likely To Lie, Cheat, Steal And Fight

by 5 years ago

Ladies often find men with beards to be mysterious bad boys. However looks may be totally true.

Based on the results from a survey conducted by video social network Eva, they discovered that bearded men were actually bad boys that participated in some rather uncouth behaviors. The U.K.-based study polled 1,500 men and found the following:

  • 47 percent of bearded men admitted to cheating on a significant other, compared to 20 percent of clean-shaven men
  • 45 percent of bearded men admitted to enjoying being involved in a fist fight, compared to 29 percent of clean-shaven men
  • 40 percent of bearded men admitted to stealing something, compared to 17 percent of clean-shaven men


It gets worse for us bristly bros. Approximately 65 percent of women surveyed said they would never even consider getting romantic with a stubbled stud, and 44 percent see them “unhygienic.” Even worse is that more than 35 percent of women polled said they would rather be with a man with old, grey hair instead of a man with facial hair. That’s fucked up.

Sounds like some fucking anti-beard propaganda by men can’t grow a beard and look like 14-year-old girls.

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