Chaotic Footage Of Prison Riot Emerges As 200 Inmates With Knives Run Amok In Facility

by 1 year ago

For six hours on Sunday, there was an unbridled prison riot where inmates took over parts of the facility. As many as 200 inmates, some armed with knives, took control of the Bedford Prison. Videos have emerged of the scary scene showing prisoners running freely, celebrating, and shouting.

Prisoners threw furniture, set fires, ransacked offices, and attempted to bust open windows in the chaos of the riot. Guards were forced to retreat, but others were taken hostage. Specially trained riot guards were called upon to recapture the prison. They entered the facility using stun grenades and rubber bullets to retake the facility.

“We’ve got control of the prison,” A man alleging to be an inmate told the Mirror. “It started off as a little joke about. But now every wing is open.”

There were no casualties reported.

The U.K. prison had been condemned for poor conditions. Prisoners claimed it was “easier to get hold of drugs than clothes or bedding.”


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