This Bro Wrote A Brewery About Wanting To Throw A Party, Their Response Is Nothing Short Of Perfection

A brewery is one hell of a place to throw a party. I’ve never had a bad time at a brewery, I don’t even know if it’s possible to have a crappy time when throwing down at the very location where your beer is brewed. I’m going to a wedding reception at the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, Georgia next month and I’m already stoked as hell, breweries are just fun places to throw down.

That’s why this UK bro must have been absolutely devastated when the Tennent’s Brewery wrote him back after he sent in a request to throw a shindig at their watering hole. I don’t blame him for thinking he could throw a fiesta at the brewery, and I’ve drank Tennent’s many times and it’s better than most UK beer. Sure this is a historic brewery, the Wellpark Brewery where Tennent’s Beer is brewed was founded in Scotland back in 1740, and the world famous Tennent’s Lager has been brewed there since 1885…But they could’ve at least let this bro down easily, no?

Brutally rebuffed. They tried to make it funny but instead they crushed his soul. My only regret here is that we couldn’t read his letter to the brewery.

[via Imgur]

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