Thanks To Your Dedicated Beer-Drinking Nearly 2 Million People Have Jobs, Keep Up The Great Work!

by 4 years ago


You drink beer because you have a passionate intimacy with the delectable brew, but did you take the time to realize that with every sultry sip of the hoppy suds that you are helping this great country’s economy? And not only are you bolstering the economy, but you’re providing a job for some person out there. A fine job that puts food on the table for the family of that hardworking person. You’re practically a hero!

The fine folks over at the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association issued a report during a congressional briefing on Tuesday. In the important report, it was revealed that beer companies are responsible for $252.6 billion in economic output, 1.5 percent of the gross domestic product. Plus these huge companies pay more than $48.5 billion in taxes.

The report stated that the beer industry is also responsible for 1.75 million jobs. “All told, for every one job in a brewery or beer importer, another 34 jobs in other industries are supported,” the Beer Institute claimed.

From the report:

“Beer is an employment intensive industry in the United States. From barley growers to bartenders, from farmers to factory workers, beer puts more than 1.75 million to work in dozens of industries—manufacturing, agriculture, trucking, warehousing, grocery and the bar and restaurant business are just some of the most obvious directly related to brewers.”

American brewers and beer importers employ nearly 50,000 workers, while distributors employ more than 130,000 workers and suppliers furnish jobs to more than 380,000 people. To those amazing individuals who help put cold beer in your fridge, they are paid $78.6 billion in wages, and they damn-well deserve it.

“It can be said that beer truly serves America,” Jim McGreevy, president and CEO of the Beer Institute (Not the former Governor of New Jersey). “Beer is more than our nation’s favorite adult drink — it is a powerhouse in job creation, commercial activity and tax revenue.”

But its not just the Goliath conglomerates that are providing all this economic growth, a majority of the 2,290 new brewing facilities in America over the past two years are small businesses.

Best believe that Uncle Sam understands the financial boon that beer is because “nearly 40 percent of the price of every beer goes toward taxes paid to the federal government, state governments, and localities.”

So the next time some nosy-body questions you as to why you’re drinking your 27th beer, pop the cap off, take a big ole slug of brew, and say, “I’m doing it for America.”