The Future Has Arrived Because There Is Now A Beer Pong Robot!

Remember in June when Roomba Beer Pong was all the rage? But it is not a perfect device for automated beer pong because the cups can fall off easily. Introducing the Pongbot!

Beer pong has become too easy, but Pongbot adds a new challenge to everyone’s favorite drinking game. This motorized cup holder has five spots. The Pongbot darts, spins and changes directions, making it more difficult to sink a cup.

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Here’s the description of Pongbot’s abilities:

Pongbot re-defines the game with moving cups, and LED under-lighting adds a nice techie look to the mood of the party! Players can shoot at a single cup or add a five-cup caddie. Pongbot features edge-sensing technology to keep the bot from falling over the edge of the table. There are two modes for play – in Auto-mode, the Pongbot will move and spin randomly in any direction at any time, so that the shooter never knows where it is going. In Manual mode, your opponent controls the motion with a tank-style handheld remote control.

The manual mode sounds pretty awesome, so you can also play defense while playing and juke out your opponent.

For those who don’t have friends, the Pongbot is for you! You can play solo against Pongbot. But the Pongbot is exempt from drinking.

Right now the Pongbot is not available in retail stores, but they do have a Kickstarter. A pledge of $40 or more will get you your very own Pongbot set with estimated delivery in December. The campaign has a goal of $100,000 in about a month. Estimated delivery is December 2016.

Kickstarter funds will go toward producing the robot molds as well as the initial inventory, according to a video on the page. A pledge of $40 or more will get you your very own Pongbot set. The campaign has a goal of $100,000 and has 31 days to achieve it.

Let’s just hope that the Pongbot doesn’t become self-aware and start drinking all of the beer.

Just remember, no beer pong slam dunks against the Pongbot.