Roomba Beer Pong Looks God Damn Impossible – But We’re Told It’s Pretty Easy

Beer pong is supposed to get more difficult with each beer. It’s not supposed to be difficult the second a player picks up a ping pong ball for the first game.

Roomba beer pong is next-level twisted. One game must last an hour with a break every 10 seconds when the Roomba goes flying off the table.

I had to learn more about this insane idea so I reached out to Megan Noll. She’s the photographer who posted the video.

How did you get the Roomba to stay on the table?

The edge detection on the roomba kept them on the table

Did you have to keep picking it up?

It was a really smooth process. No picking it up. We used double sided tape to hold the cups in place and we put rocks in the bottom of the cups.

How long did the game last? Did anyone hit multiple cups and win or did you just give up?

We played! My brother, Tyler (featured in the video) and his girlfriend ran the board. We all caught the hang of it and it lasted several games.

So there you go, an awesome way to upgrade your beer pong game this weekend. Just buy two Roombas at around $300-400 a piece and the cheapest beer possible.

[via Geekologie]