Beer Prices Might Get Out Of Control Very Soon But Everyone REMAIN CALM

Beer Sign Fail


Never before have so many bros cared about farming and the weather. We might all have to start paying close attention because heavy rain, bad crops and countless acres of useless malt barley could wreck havoc on beer prices in the very near future.

Here’s the deal — “Heavy late-August rains have damaged crops in the nation’s largest malt-barley producing states, Montana and Idaho. The rains caused much of the states’ barley to sprout in the field, rendering much of it useless for beer making. Maltsters are warning brewers that barley will be available but pricey in 2015 when this year’s crop becomes next year’s beer ingredient.”

I want to be called a Maltster! Even though I don’t produce beer (unless pissing while chugging counts) but let’s concentrate here bros — beer prices are about to go up. Maybe not in 2015 but possibly in 2016 and beyond. Might be time to switch back to straight alcohol to save money.

Rubbing alcohol. It’s like $.99.

Editor’s note — don’t.

H/T Billings Gazette