Man Reads That Ben Affleck Was a Ghost in ‘Argo,’ Has Spoiler Alert Meltdown on Twitter

And so it was for Huffington Post critic Mike Ryan, who wrote a review of the film Safe Haven back in May. Safe Haven is typical, Nicholas Sparks trash, but it was notable for its widely-discussed twist ending that was surprising, as it was non-sensical. So Ryan attempted to critique that twist, because he's a movie reviewer, and the twist more or less made the movie. Here's his somewhat snarky analysis:

Let’s put it this way, here are the only twists that I could come up with that were more insane than the one in Safe Haven.

· When it was revealed that Ben Affleck’s character in Argo was a ghost.

· When it turned out that Bob Sugar was a ghost in Jerry Maguire.

· When I discovered that all of the penguins were ghosts in March of the Penguins.


You… You know he's joking, right? Theree's no way you can't know he's joking.

OH BUT THERE IS. Meet Alex Picchietti. Alex Picchietti lost his fucking mind over the lack of a spoiler alert for Ryan's line about Argo—yes, Argo, the true story of the Iranian hostage crisis—because Ryan had ruined the movie's major plot spoiler, which is: Ben Affleck is a ghost. Ben Affleck, playing real-life CIA agent Tony Mendez, is a ghost. TV's Andy Levy saved the whole exchange. It is truly, as he said, the best that happened on Twitter last night.

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