Republican Presidential Frontrunner Ben Carson Doesn’t Know Where Half The Damn States In America Are



One of the most important parts of running an expert political campaign is hiring and managing a crack staff. It isn’t just the candidate, but the machine behind them.

It would appear that Ben Carson, current presidential frontrunner-ish and quasi-insane born again Jesus nut, has not done that.

Already there was a leak from one of his advisers who says he doesn’t understand foreign policy, and now this boof from his social media team, who released this map of the United States.

In it, Carson was showing how he supported governors who stated they would refuse Syrian refugees.



See anything wrong with that map? See everything wrong with that map? How Oklahoma just fades into Texas and how West Virginia doesn’t border Kentucky (what is that, a void between them?) and how the entire Northeast is somehow at a latitude past Montreal?

Let me be the first to state (BOLDY) that you should not be allowed to dictate your views on immigration policy if you don’t even know what this country looks like.

[Via The Washington Post]

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