If You Love Handouts, Hippie Communist Ice Cream Makers Ben & Jerry’s Are Giving Out Free Ice Cream In NYC RIGHT NOW

by 3 years ago


Classic Bernie bro move by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, purveyors of delicious ice cream to eat while stoned. Instead of making people work for their ice cream like decent, freedom-loving Americans, the hippie socialists who run this private company are giving it out FOR FREE in New York City to support fellow Vermont hippie communist leader Bernie Sanders. Free ice cream?! What a fuckboi move! Don’t Ben and Jerry know that free ice cream handouts are just another example of the sense of entitlement that’s put America one-foot in the shitter?

It only make sense that they give their Bernie Sanders ice cream out for free. Their fellow hippie communist Bernie Bros love hand outs and dread the idea of getting shipped to labor camps to build “YUUGEEE!” walls with Mexico like good, patriotic American political prisoners.

Maybe when Donald Trump is elected he’ll throw gold bars at Bernie Bros, including the tax-loving hippie communists stoners at Ben And Jerry’s ice cream who clearly are anti-freedom and want people to be happy with simple gestures.

How dare they support their socialist hometown hero who wants to take our guns, legalize devils marijuana, stop wars, and raise our taxes. Get a job and stop being poor broke stoned ice cream makers, Ben and Jerry!

Oh wait.

(The free ice cream is in Union Square right now).

UPDATE: Bernie is giving out more Ben and Jerry’s today, now in Washington Square Park by NYU. If you want some, however, you have to volunteer for Bernie’s campaign, according to Gothamist. get it while it lasts you commie freedom-hating socialists.

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