Bernie Sanders’ New Climate Change Plan Is So Important For This Very Reason

by 3 years ago


With immigration such a hot topic of debate these days, and some candidates in particular seriously suggesting that “building a wall to keep out all the Mexicans!” and banning people from entering our country because of their faith is a rational solution to whatever perceived problem there is now, it’s kind of refreshing to hear policy proposals of a different nature.

While most of the same politicians so eager to build that Mexican wall are also adamant that climate change is not an issue and does not exist, there’s no denying it does. Science has proven it is happening, and that it potentially has catastrophic implications for mankind if not addressed.

That’s why it’s so interesting to hear Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ climate change plan address how climate change might be correlated with some of the violent problems we’re seeing result from mass immigration around the world. It’s only natural for conflict to arise when people of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs are inharmoniously forced to live together as has been the case with refugees escaping the war torn countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa as of late, and it’s quite possible that culture clash discord will only grow if weather starts changing to the point that people will have to migrate.

Some interesting food for thought, Bernie Sanders. I’m curious as to what Donald Trump’s stance on the issue is? Just kidding, I’m not.

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