So Donald Trump Is Now Bribing Little Kids Into Supporting His Mexican Immigrant Wall

Duh I’m Donald Trump, duh I have so much money, duh when I’m the best president to ever president we’ll build a wall because fuck Mexican immigrants (actually any immigrant for that matter) and duh here’s a little kid who has zero idea what he’s talking about other than what his brainwashed dopey parents tell him asking me what my immigrant wall will be made out of because, duh, my PR team definitely chided him into it.

The idiotic scene played out at a Donald Trump campaign rally yesterday in Manassas, Virginia, and it might honestly be the most conniving thing to ever happen along the American campaign trail. Just exploiting little kids to basically pick a side in a debate they know nothing about for the jeers of all 72 people that were probably present at the rally. Totally savage, Donald Trump. You can do better than this.

At least next time pick a kid that doesn’t fuck up his one and only line when you hoist him to the microphone invoking a scene like Simba’s birth in The Lion King!. Politic better, bro!

[h/t Gawker]