These Are The 70 Cheapest Cities To Buy Beer In The World, With Only 3 U.S. Cities In The Top 40

From the moment I took my second sip, beer has been near and dear to my heart. I say second sip because I vividly remember accidentally taking my first sip of beer as a toddler, picking up a red solo cup thinking it had my water in it only to find that it was my dad’s beer. As a child I was the most foul thing I’d ever tasted and it’s probably the only time in my life that I involuntarily spit liquid out everywhere like a movie scene. That was childhood though, and now beer is a part of my daily life, and also something I couldn’t imagine every taking a vacation without. As they do each year, has released their annual rankings of the least/most expensive cities in the world to buy beer.

I’m not surprised to see that U.S. cities don’t rank at the top of the list for ‘cheapest beer worldwide’, because living in a city in the United States is typically expensive as balls. I am however surprised by which city in the U.S. has the cheapest beer (L.A.), and I’m even more surprised to see so many European cities on this list. As you can see at the top of the chart, the numbers below are all in USD, and for those of you not familiar with 33cl is roughly 11.1 ounces. And the cities are ranked on a Beer Price Index that takes into account average beer price at the supermarket and bar, average annual beer consumption, and the average annual spend in USD to rank the best beer cities worldwide…Surely these rankings are going to piss some of you off, so get ready to have your jimmies rustled:

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As I mentioned above, they ranked the TOP 70 BEER CITIES IN THE WORLD, but as I’m sure you’ve noticed I only included the top 50. I didn’t want to gank their entire chart, so if you want to see 51-70 then you can follow the link and head on over to!

Moving on, I’ve never booked an international vacation based strictly on the cost of the beer in a country, but I’ll be honest with you and admit that it was certainly something I considered when choosing a study abroad location. I studied abroad in Panama City, Panama where you can buy a beer for $.50 at happy hour, and other locations I considered were Prague (~$3/beer), Barcelona (~$3.70/beer), and Sydney (~$4.70/beer). You might think I’m a crazy alcoholic, but over the course of several months worth of going out six nights a week the cost of beer adds up, and I saved a shit ton of money by going to FSU’s Ciudad Panama campus instead of Europe or Australia. So don’t judge me for being smart with my beer money.

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