No Shit, This Is The Best Fishing Video Ever Filmed: Mahi Mahi Vs Flying Fish

by 5 years ago

YouTube / BBC

The clip you see below is the best fishing footage I’ve ever seen, which is weird because there’s not even a single human being fishing in the video. It’s mahi mahi vs. flying fish vs. frigate birds, and it’s fucking outstanding. You don’t have to care about fishing, fish, birds, or life to find this video amazing….Just hit play, then hit that goddamn like button above the video because your bros DEFINITELY WANT TO SEE THIS.

The Best Fishing Video Ever Filmed

Honestly, it seems like 9 times out of 10 headlines on the internet these days are massive letdowns, but this video delivers. Truly, this is THE BEST fishing footage I’ve ever seen. The narration, the stunning underwater footage, those mesmerizing mahi mahi (dolphin, dorado, etc) colors…It’s perfect.

The sound effects of the mahi mahi crashing the surface to devour the helpless flying fish brings me back to the last time I caught a dorado, it’s all so visceral. While watching this video I could nearly smell the salt water and feel the rocking of the boat. That’s the sort of effect that traditional fishing shows lack. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching fishing TV (shout out to Jared Jeffries and Peter Miller for having the best fishing shows on television!), but those shows have ~30 minutes to tell a story and yet somehow come up short of this 145 second clip.

Here are some highlights in GIF (via BBC YouTube):

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Truly, as far as fishing videos go it simply doesn’t get any better than that footage.

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