People Shared The Best ‘Karma Is A Bitch’ Moments They’ve Ever Seen And They’re All Pure Gold

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karma is a bitch


Taking a break from all the horrific sex stories, the folks over at “Ask Reddit” went a different, more humorous route this time.

Today the topic we’re covering was brought up by Redditor ThatBoyMonteezy who asked, “What was the best ‘karma is a bitch’ moment you have witnessed?

Obviously there are few things in life we like more than when karma rears its spiteful head so this was a genius move in asking this question.

Get ready to feel really good in the name of justice served up right…

I’m from San Diego and during the summer, you have to a claim bonfire pits on the beach really in the morning if you want it for that night. So my friends and I got to the beach at 8am and stayed there so we can get a bonfire going into the night.

Just before sundown, this one couple asked if they could share the bonfire with us and since our group wasn’t too big, we decided to share it with them. However that couple proceeded to bring a group of like 15 others and they literally surrounded the pit and pushed us out. We were pissed but we were so tired from being at the beach all day so we decided to head out.

Little did we know what that night had an extreme high tide warning and when we moved all of our stuff over the wall that divided the beachwalk with the beach, a huge wave came in and washed out that whole group surrounded by our bonfire. The wave flipped over their table of food, took a handful of sandals back into the ocean, and destroyed all their stuff.

The best part was this one girl was trying to jump the wall to save herself but she didnt jump high enough and ended up falling right back into the waters. Karma’s a bitch. ~ 5hunned

I was running laps on a grass field in the military when I was about to lap a guy who’d ALWAYS lap the shit out of me. So as I passed him I yelled “Gotcha, bitch!” and immediately stepped in a hole in the ground and twisted my ankle. Despite the pain of jacking my ankle up, I thought the karmic payout was hilariously timed. ~ theresidentjunkie

Driving to Chicago and a crazy guy is road raging swerving erratically while yelling about shooting us. He zooms off.

5 or so miles later we see his van upside-down in the ditch. He’s standing on the shoulder talking to a cop. ~ Pastafarian75

My old manager was a monster. Belittled people, made a hostile environment, denied anything that would make coworkers happy while giving himself every comfort, even denied me a half day to go to my mothers funeral, adding, “Would it be a big deal if you couldn’t go?” He finally stepped on his dick after he wrote up a fictitious counseling statement about someone and the entire office revolted. The manager wasn’t fired like we wanted, but he was relieved.

So in comes the new manager. Very well regarded, 20 year Air Force veteran (retired at E-9), humble guy who knew how to handle people. We have our first awkward team meeting, old manager bitterly in attendance. As the new manager is giving his “nice to meet you” speech, he sees the douchebag glaring around the table trying to intimidate people. He stops talking, pauses for a few seconds, and then says, “You know, when I was in the Air Force I learned that if you take care of your people, they’ll take care of you.” He then stared directly at the old manager and said, “And if you don’t take care of your people, they’ll take care of you.” ~ BurtGummer938

Sitting on a highway late at night because of a bad car accident. The highway was packed and barely moving.

One guy thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and tries to drive on the shoulder. He makes it a good little ways before running into an on ramp, also packed with cars. He had no where to go, and no one let him in. He was stuck between cars in the right most lane and cars from the on ramp. Everyone stuck bumper to bumper and flowed around him.

I went from watching him pass me and almost getting out of my view to passing him and losing sight of him in my rear view. ~ Curmud6e0n

When I was a kid, we visited Montreal. I had gotten a hockey puck as a souvenir. While we were in our hotel, my sister decided to mess with me by hiding it. I got mad and yelled in my high pitched voice “GIVE ME BACK MY HOCKEY PUCK!” before smacking her in the head with a pillow. Guess where she had hidden it. ~ rnilbog

I got rear ended in a turn lane by a girl texting. She was doing 45mph and I was stopped. No major injuries. I went to her court date hoping she got a big fine or something. She got a $50 ticket. I was a little bit upset.

As I was sitting at the stop light to pull out of the court I watched her run a red light and tbone a cop. I don’t normally laugh at other peoples misfortune, however, I laughed my ass off at that one. ~ SicCorona

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