This Is The Best Possible Response To Send Someone After They Text You Asking For Nudes



Nude photo requests have become a daily occurrence for me, as evidenced by the comments on the BroBible Facebook page which have grown to become a mix of #FireRebecca and “Put her back in the kitchen then send me her nudes.” Yet for some reason no one has asked me directly yet (my email is even on my Twitter page,, which means I’ve yet to try out this idea that originated from Twitter. Rather than ignoring the request or actually sending a nude, do this instead:

Or if you’re too lazy to make a fake loading image, you could always try this:

The latter came from Twitter’s #WasteHisTime2016 hashtag, which tackled dating from the perspective of women:

And Twitter being Twitter, there is of course a hashtag for the opposite, #WasteHerTime2016:


[H/T Metro]

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