Well, It’s Settled: This Is Officially The BEST And WORST Way For A Couple To Die

by 3 years ago

Depending upon your perspective, it’s doesn’t get any better or worse than this when it comes to ‘ways to die’. A couple was on vacation in Canada for their daughter’s wedding and both of them died having sex in the bathtub. How they both died is actually one of the craziest stories I’ve ever read (see below). As for this being ‘the best’ way to die I really can’t think of a better way to leave this world than having sex on vacation in Mexico. And as for this being ‘the worst’, well, for the life of me I cannot think of a worst scenario for the daughter whose wedding it was, like, from the bride’s perspective this is easily the most awful thing I’ve ever read.

The NYPost reports:

A Canadian couple who traveled to Mexico for their daughter’s wedding were found dead after the man suffered a heart attack and squashed his wife when they had sex in a resort hot tub.
Charles Mckenzie, 67, was in a whirlpool spa with his wife, Dorothy, 63, when the tragedy struck, the Canadian Press reported.
“I know that they’re more concerned about the remains and cremation and things like that,” said Charles Mckenzie’s brother-in-law, Douglas Hastings. “I don’t really know about the wedding.”
Authorities said the deaths are accidental and likely linked.
The man’s heart attack likely caused the woman to drown, an official from the Mexican state of Quintana Roo told the Canadian Press.
A spokesperson for the resort denied reports that the couple had been electrocuted by the hot tub.
ubeo said the couple’s family was still staying at the hotel.
“We are treating them as our own family,” he said, noting that staff were helping the Canadians deal with local authorities. “All the group is very calm, in the best way they can be.”

Let’s make a checklist of ways this is THE BEST way to leave this world:

Die Having Sex: √
Die While On Vacation In Mexico: √
Die Amongst The People You Love Most In Life: √

Now let’s make a checklist of the ways this is THE WORST way to die:

Die Before Seeing Your Child Get Married: √
Die Having Sex In The Bathtub And Your Children Now Have To Deal With The Remains: √
Die In A Manner That Ruins The Biggest Day Of Your Daughter’s Life: √

I’m calling this a tie. This is in fact both the BEST and WORST say to die. And for more on this story you can click on over to the NYPost by following that link above…