Big Boy BRUTALLY Knocks Out Kid Not Once, But Twice, Then Destroys His Friend

Me personally, don’t care to partake in fisticuffs, especially when the battle arena is a garage. Too much metal shit to smash your head on. But don’t tell these gentlemen, they appear to squabble anywhere any place.

After some salty language, the big boy shoves his combatant. The idiot flicks his lit cigarette carelessly behind him without looking. Good thing you’re in a garage with no flammable liquids all around that could engulf this entire pathetic scene in flames.

Then comes the brawl. Big boy lands a NASTY left hook that hurt my face because it was so loud. The guy goes down to the ground, but is quick to get right back up. He is then greeted with another tremendous left hook that sends him down for the count.

The unconscious guy’s friend attempts to avenge his the knockout, but he too is disposed of easily. Luckily his fall was broken by a tire.

Mental Note: Don’t fuck with guys covered in tattoos that have a belly.