Fast Motorcyclist Gets Cut Off On LA Freeway, Captures Insane Footage On Helmet Cam

by 3 years ago

Check your mirrors. That’s the simple message that this video starts out with. You can potentially save a life out there and all it takes is for you to not drive like a complete jackass. Just check the lane before pulling into it and you likely won’t end up as the driver in this situation.

Sure, there are bikers out there that drive so damn fast on the highway that you wouldn’t be able to see them if you checked your mirrors because they’re zigging and zagging across 5 lanes with reckless abandon. We’ve all seen this person on the road before. I watched a dude do that recently and come within literal inches of getting sandwiched between two cars because they were driving so recklessly. But we’re not talking about that biker here. Just like shitty car drivers, that person is putting himself and everyone else on the road in danger. The driver in the video above? They were going fast but they were cruising down the one lane.

If the driver had just checked his side view mirror before popping out into traffic the biker would’ve never found himself riding down the highway on the back of a car. The good news for bikers is that their luck appears to be turning. Instead of crashing and spilling all over the asphalt, crashes like this are becoming slightly more common. We saw another biker crash land onto the back of a car just a few months ago.

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