Bikini Model Caught Stealing $2 Million In Identity Theft Scam Of Senior Citizens Gets Off With ZERO Jail Time (PICS)

Back in April, Cass introduced you to the gorgeous Patricia Perez-Gonzalez. A 27-year-old bikini model who was arrested for using stolen credit card accounts to fund a lavish lifestyle with her boyfriend.

Perez-Gonzalez and her boyfriend stole the identities of senior citizens, then opened high-limit credit cards in their victims’ names. They were so proficient at their racket that they rang up $2 million in purchases on 40 Amex Platinum credit cards last year. The couple would open up credit cards in other peoples’ names, have them delivered to various addresses, then pick them up. Then they would order high-end items and then sell them online for 100% profit.

Perez-Gonzalez and her then-boyfriend/accomplice, Alberto Companioni, were arrested. The Miami Herald reports that investigators discovered a stash of luxury items, including Rolex watches, Chanel and Hermes handbags worth $5,000 each, Apple electronics and evidence of trips to Hawaii and California and New York in their Miami condo.

Perez-Gonzalez pleaded guilty to a minor charge of grand larceny in the fourth degree. She received NO jail time and NO probation.

The judge told Perez-Gonzalez, who didn’t have a criminal record, “I don’t anticipate I or any other judge will ever see you again.”

Perez-Gonzalez is now attending college where she is a straight-A student.

Companioni will face up to six years in jail when he is sentenced later this year. He plead guilty to grand larceny and identity theft.