Black Banded Sea Snake With Venom 10x Deadlier Than A Cobra Eats A Moray Eel Alive

black banded sea snake eating moray eel

Facebook / André Engstrom

Nature is cruel. Most creatures are born into this world only to be eaten by something bigger on the food chain. What makes this clip so nuts is these aren’t typically two species coming to fisticuffs down on the coral reef.

The Black Banded Sea Snake (or black-banded sea krait) is one of the gnarliest creatures in the ocean because it’s venom is 10 TIMES STRONGER THAN A COBRA SNAKE. So here it is eating a moray eel alive while this SCUBA instructor in Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands films the wild encounter:

If that Facebook video didn’t load for you then you can find it HERE

After watching this clip I found myself bouncing around on YouTube a little bit, looking for other videos of sea snakes eating moray eels, and there’s really not a ton out there. I found some but they’re few and far between. So this truly is an extraordinarily rare encounter that was filmed in Thailand. They’re extremely fascinating creatures, these sea snakes, and you can read more about them here.

Now, since I mentioned other videos I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share at least one of those with you:

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