Black Bear Devours 20 Pounds Of Dog Food, Passes Out Like It Was Thanksgiving Dinner

by 3 years ago

There are a lot of times when wild animals remind us all that they aren’t all that different from you or me. Whether that’s random pics of them looking as if they’re smiling or being able to shoot hoops, who knew that we had such similarities?

Another instance of this happening came in Florida the other day, when a massive black bear was spotted in someone’s backyard just going to town on a 20-pound bag of dog food, treating the stuff as if it were Thanksgiving dinner and he had been fasting for days.

Sure, us humans are prone to scarfing down food like we’re stoned out of our minds on occasion, but that’s not where the bear shares similar traits with us. It’s when, just minutes later, a witness of the entire thing caught the bear knocked the fuck out, napping and repositioning, “three or four times and stretched out,” proving that the dude was in a serious food coma.

We’ve all heard the old wise tale about turkey making us snooze because of the tryptophan in it, but apparently dog food has some shit in it that has the same affect on a 500-pound, wild animal.

Hell, maybe he was just trying to catch some rays and work on his tan, it is summer after all.


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