Death Wish Or Balls Of Steel? Crazy Man Handles Deadly Black Widow Spider With His Bare Hands

Coyote Peterson is a total mad man, he’s fully established that on his ‘Brave Wilderness’ YouTube channel. He’s voluntarily stung himself with the Bullet Ant, the most painful insect sting in the world. Coyote has gotten stung in the face by 3,000 angry bees. He has been bitten by a snapping turtle and stung by a lionfish. By all measures, Coyote Peterson is a total mad man.

For his latest YouTube stunt, Coyote Peterson is handling a deadly Black Widow spider with his BARE HANDS to prove that spiders aren’t violent by nature (or some shit like that). This is a man how has balls of steel, but probably also has a minor death wish. I’m not saying that he’s out there trying to meet his maker, but he’s definitely putting himself in more deadly situations than anyone else. Even the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin didn’t put himself in harm’s way as frequently as Coyote Peterson.

I tune in to watch nearly every video from Coyote Peterson on Brave Wilderness, but I often find myself wondering why it’s so fascinating. Are we all watching because he’s living life on the edge of wilderness and doing things never done before, the things society/experts tell you that you aren’t supposed to do? Or are we watching because one of these days we expect to see him crippled by the bit of a tiny insect? I really don’t know the answer to that question.