Dude’s Property Is INFESTED With Deadly Australian Black Widow Spiders, A Flame Thrower Clears ‘Em Out

by 1 year ago

This Australian man’s life is in shambles. His garden and property his completely infested with deadly Australian Redback Spiders, the Australian equivalent of the Black Widow spiders we have here in America.

I’ve only ever come across one Black Widow spider in the wild and even just seeing these spiders is terrifying. Everything hardwired in your brain lets you know the red markings on the spider’s back means this spider was built to kill.

I can’t imagine finding a single of these spiders in my house let alone hundreds (if not thousands) of them invading my property. If I ever find myself in that position I fully plan on handling the situation like this bro and grabbing the flamethrower to burn everything the fuck down:

To be honest, I’m mostly impressed that this bro from Australia didn’t burn down his entire house (and property) with that flamethrower. With a flamethrower in hand, I see no other course of action than burning everything sight. Flamethrower = Go big or go home.

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