Blind Prophet Who Predicted 9/11 Paints A Horrifying And Bleak Outlook For 2016

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the Baba Vanga, the blind prophet. Vanga, who is from Bulgaria, is known as the “Nostradamus from the Balkans” thanks to her 85 percent success rate on predictions. The prophetess died in 1996 at 85-years-old, but her predictions continue to come into fruition.

In the 1950s, Vanga predicted the following, “Cold regions will become warm … and volcanoes will awaken. Everything will melt just like ice. A huge wave will cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water.” Vangas followers believe that this is a reference to global warming and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed over 230,000 people in 14 countries.

In 1989, the mystic foresaw the 9/11 terrorist attacks:

“Horror, horror! The American brethren (believed to be a reference to the two ‘brother’ towers) will fall after being attacked by the steel birds (thought to be the two hijacked passenger planes). The wolves will be howling in a bush (believed to be a reference to then US president George Bush) and innocent blood will gush.”

Vanga reportedly correctly predicted that the 44th President of the United States would be African-American, and that of course came true when Barack Obama was elected President.

The prophet’s prognostications for 2016 are grim and terrifying. She stated that the 44th President will be the “last U.S. President.” The next United States President will be elected on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. President Barack Obama’s last day as president will be January 20, 2017.

Vanga has horrifying prophecies for Europe in 2016. The clairvoyant said this bleak conjecture, “Muslims will invade Europe, which will cease to exist as we know it. The ensuing campaign of destruction will last years, driving out populations and leaving the entire continent almost empty.” The deceased soothsayer said that there would be a “great Muslim war, which started with the Arab Spring in 2010. The prediction said that “Muslims would use chemical warfare against Europeans.” By 2025, she predicted that the population of Europe will reach almost zero. Then by 2043, Europe’s transformation into an Islamic caliphate will be complete where Rome is named its capital. The world’s economy thrives under Muslim rule.

By 2066, the United States will be called to be world heroes again and will attempt to recapture Rome using a new climate change weapon for the first time and bring back Christianity.

The prophetess also said that humans will fly to Venus in hopes of finding new sources of energy in 2028. And by 2033, water levels around the world will rise as the polar ice caps melt.

So… Happy New Year!


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