Possibly The Nastiest Body Slam I’ve Ever Seen Happened During A Fight With Corny Ice Cream Truck Music

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What do you think of when you hear the melodic jingle coming from the ice cream truck? You probably flashback to memories of your cherished youth in the summer time and having to make the impossible decision of picking between Choco Tacos, Chocolate Eclairs, Screwballs, Bomb Pops, Drumsticks and Push Pops. I imagine the man who got viciously thrown on his head while the demonic ice cream truck music played probably won’t have fond memories of the corny tune.

An all-out brawl erupts in this neighborhood right as the ice cream truck is making its way down a nearby street and it made for a hilarious soundtrack. One man made the mistake of fucking with the wrong dude. He easily lifts the man over his head then slams him onto the hard concrete. Then some other guy tries to vengeance on the body slamming monster by attacking him with a bat. The insanely strong dude simply rips the bat right from his attacker’s hands. He is so lucky that he didn’t go all Bryce Harper and smash the fuck out of him. The melee ends with the happy, cheery, innocent sound of the ice cream truck music and people with broken necks, busted craniums and bruised egos running for their lives.


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