Get A Load Of This Bonehead Who Missed His Flight And Decided To Chase Down His Plane On The Tarmac

For those of you who have missed flights, you can certainly feel this dude’s pain. Missing a flight  can eat up your time, money, and patience. There’s only so many Jack and Coke’s you can suck down alone at the airport bar until you legally must change your name to Steven Glansberg. And if you have a time-sensitive connecting flight? Forget about it bro, your best option may be to hitch hike.

Or you could be like this jerkoff who refused to succumb to the fact that he missed his flight, to the point where he ran past all security protocols and leapt from that accordion hallway thing to chase the plane down the runway.

The incident took place at Madrid, Spain’s Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport. The passenger was trying to catch his flight on the low-cost airline Ryan Air.

The video was captured by the grounds crew and uploaded to the CC.OO. Ryanair & Lesma Handling Facebook page accompanied with the following summary:

This is how passengers in Madrid behave when they don’t arrive in time for their flights. This particular passenger was missing a Ryanair’s flight and, unbelievably, skipped several security protocols established by AENA in their airports. We’re talking about level 4 security protocols! Not even with all those protocols we can feel safe…

Bro, for future reference: the Johnny Rocket’s in the airport is probably a more comfortable waiting place than a jail cell.

[h/t Uproxx]

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