Bottomless Pit In Siberia Is Either Hole to Hell or World’s Greatest ‘Your Mom’ Joke

You know what’s a big, gaping hole that can swallow thousands of men whole? Your mom. Also: This giant bottomless pit that popped up out of no where in Siberia, where I assume they don’t make that many “your mom” jokes about these types of things.

The hole is about 262 feet in diameter (…just like your mom) and located on the Yamal Peninsula (…which is NOT your dad), in fields used by Russian gas company Gazprom (…probably a lot of gas worker men there for your mom to swallow).

Apparently the bottomless pit happened from a giant underground explosion, presumably caused by your mom:

“Giant hole appears at ‘world’s end’. Siberia’s frozen soil — known as permafrost — contains millions of tons of methane gas. As the surface slowly warms, this gas begins to be released — and pools into highly volatile pockets. A mixture of water, salt and gas may have ignited an underground explosion. Another possibility is that the gas pocket may simply have built up enough pressure to pop like a Champagne cork , though given that the earth around the eruption is burned , that seems unlikely. I’m no geologist but that’s calcined rock right there.

Here’s a video of a helicopter circling around you mom’s giant bottomless pit. I doubt your dad made it:

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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