You Can Now Buy Brosé Tall Boy Cans And I Bet These Are Droppin’ Panties From Montauk To Martha’s Vineyard

The one and only problem with rosé is that it comes in bottles, and you can’t drink out of glass on the beach, and often you can’t drink out of glass when you’re poolside. To get around that one genius company based out of NYC has launched brosé served in a tallboy can. This is without a doubt the greatest advancement of drinking culture in modern history. #Brosé4Lyfe.

Once Summer hits and temperatures regularly get into the 80’s and 90’s ‘brosé’ becomes the go to beverage all along the Eastern Seaboard. Rosé has long been considered ambrosia, the sweet nectar of the gods, but in the latter half of the last decade rosé has sunk it’s juicy tendrils into the bro culture from Dewey Beach on up to Bar Harbor. Once the nickname Brosé was given it was all over, there was no longer any stigma against dudes drinking rosé and it became the universal Summer drink of choice. But as I mentioned before, rosé being served in glass bottles has been a large obstacle in the drinking of brosé. Those days are now gone forever thanks to ‘Bout Time Wine‘ producing brosé sold in tall boy cans.

Now that brosé comes in tall boys you can drink it anywhere and everywhere (assuming you’re following the local laws), and you can even become the VERY FIRST BRO IN HISTORY to shotgun a can of brosé.

The 100% California Syrah Rosé sold in tall boy cans from Bout Time Wines is already droppin’ panties all over the northeast this Summer, and has even garnered mainstream coverage from CNBC. As of now the tall boy cans of brosé are only being sold in New York and New Jersey (primarily in NYC, but you can buy it at The Sloppy Tuna in Montauk), but as the word gets out on the Bout Time California Syrah Rosé I expect these tallboys will be sold nationwide.

For a list of locations on where you bros can purchase these brosé tall boys you can CLICK HERE, you can also check out the Bout Time Wine Instagram page and Facebook page for more information.

Tip of the hat to my buddy Parker for telling me he saw someone on Instagram drinking brose out of a tall boy can!