Three Prostitutes Throw Down In Naked Boxing Match All Over $80 Dispute

Don’t steal from hookers. Ever. They will fuck your shit up.

“Three hookers stripped and engaged in a boxing match — complete with a referee and a cameraman — to settle a dispute over money at a Harlem townhouse,” sources told The New York Post. Hey New York Post, how about a fucking video to verify this story, you know for journalist integrity or some shit. I snooped around the Internet in search of this video, but no dice.

Two 20-something prostitutes named “Yaya” and “Indie” (Those are probably not their legal names), had suspicions that a fellow working girl named “Africa” (Also probably not her legal name) stole $80 from them. So they worked it out in a reasonable fashion, a naked boxing match.

The fight had a referee and was filmed by 52-year-old Lorenzo Sykes, who was their pimp.

“Yaya and Indie gave Africa a ‘nice beat down’ and took back their money, which was stashed inside Africa’s private parts,” NYP’s sources said. Enjoy your gonorrhea money.

Africa was a sore loser and ran out of the building and told authorities that she had been kidnapped by Sykes, and two other men for the purposes of sex trafficking. Police arrested the three men on multiple charges, including sex trafficking.

C’mon Africa! You are fucking with someone’s livelihood. Those hardworking ladies sucked off at least five dudes for that $80, and you just go robbing them of their moolah. Fucked up. And because you were a sore loser, now your boss is in lockup. Guess you’ll have to be an independent contractor from now on.