VIDEO: Boy Bawling His Eyes Out After Dad Crushes His Xbox With A Truck For Stealing Candy

Apparently this kid was a victim of entrapment. After receiving a scolding about stealing, the father purposely placed candy in a newspaper and the boy found it and ate it. The sad part it wasn’t even for some good candy, this whole dire situation was brought about because the young lad stole a shitty Now And Later. I’ll do some reckless shit for a king size Snickers, but I’ll be damned if I get in trouble over some rocks that sorta taste like the color blue.

Apparently stealing a Now And Later worth 1/8 of a cent was enough for the father to threaten a very Draconian punishment. The father offered his son two options as a form of punishment, “Do you want this Xbox or you want this ass-whoopin’?” If you’re a little kid you have to go with the ass-whoopin’, belt marks heal, but when you’re 8-years-old you can’t just go out and buy another Xbox.

The child, who the compassionate father lovingly called a “goddamn thievin’-ass motherfucker,” selected his Xbox as tribute. Luckily he didn’t have to sledgehammer his Xbox with his own hands like this kid did.

The dad administered the punishment by placing the Xbox under his truck and promptly running over it several times. That crunching noise of the Xbox getting demolished had to be a soul-destroyer for that little boy. But on the bright side, at least it’s an Xbox 360 and not an Xbox One.

“That was awesome!” screams some instigating little girl. She then goes and runs inside to see the boy who is devastated. She smacks him in the face with a pillow as he’s bawling to comfort him.

Not sure if this is a good parenting and the son will learn a lesson or if it will send this lil clepto into a whirlwind of more thievery as he goes house-to-house in an effort to steal a new Xbox.