Boyfriend Baits Girlfriend To Cheat On Him With Personal Trainer And She May Have Gotten Pregnant From Her Workout

The other day we shared with you the To Catch A Cheater video where a girlfriend tested her plumber boyfriend to see if he would cheat on her if a busty chick aggressively hit on him and shoved her tits in his face. Many of you checked out that video, so I went back to the TCAC YouTube channel and found another entertaining video of insecure fucks begging their SO to cheat on them.

On this occasion, a boyfriend baited his girlfriend to cheat on him with a buff personal trainer. The girlfriend was at the gym when the man asked the woman if she wanted a few pointers on lifting and she eagerly agreed. At first, the tips were oral. NO! Not THAT kind of oral. But then the personal trainer gets a bit handsy with the girl, forcing the boyfriend to watch and be a virtual cuck.

Right at this moment, the boyfriend immediately regretted his decision and had a “you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about” moment.

The girlfriend did tell the personal trainer that she did have a boyfriend and didn’t appear to cheat on her man in the workout sesh. However, the boyfriend was none too pleased that the personal trainer nearly impregnated his chick during stretching exercises. And at the 2:32 mark the boyfriend makes a bizarre and worrying guttural grunt before getting very, very emotional.

If you can’t handle the truth, don’t ask for it.