(Ex) Boyfriend Of The Year Hangs On Girlfriend’s Moving Car To Avoid Being Dumped

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Chivalry ain’t dead and surprisingly, neither is this dude.

In a heroic last-ditch effort to save an obviously tumultuous relationship, this knight in shining armor risks his life and his dignity when he hangs from the hood of his spiteful lovers sedan.

Love will make you do crazy things. Like that time I went to Paint Night with my girlfriend and pretended to enjoy it. Or that time I skipped out on an opportunity to sit in a luxury box at a Patriots game because of a six month anniversary. Not a year, six months. Half of a year. The Patriots lost the game that day, and my presence could have changed the outcome. Instead I was eating a fleet of sushi at her favorite restaurant. I fucking hate sushi.

So whether you think this guy’s a lunatic or just a hopeless romantic, this apologetic act is much more impressive than the $5.99 wilted roses you picked up at the grocery store for missing your girls birthday. Respect, bro.