What Exactly Goes On In Your Brain When You Orgasm? Science Has The Fascinating Answer

Ever wondered exactly what your brain does when you have an orgasm? Of course you haven’t. We just assume it’s doing something like this…

But no, there’s actual sciencey stuff going on up there in that cranium of yours.

According to Vox and the video you see below, orgasms are pretty all consuming when it comes to the brain. Over 30 major brain systems are activated when you achieve maximum pleasure, so that’s why it’s a feeling like no other.

They also point out that men and women’s brains react similarly to orgasms. No shock there to anyone who’s ever had sex.

And that when you orgasm you have a much higher tolerance for pain, whips and handcuffs be damned. Which also explains why you feel less fear when you climax.

Fascinating stuff, huh? There’s a whole bunch more science on the orgasm right here. Or you can just watch the video. I have some pain tolerance testing to do.

Woman doing stuff image by Shutterstock