And The Winner Of The First Massive Brawl Of Spring Break 2016 Goes To… Fort Lauderdale!!!

It’s that time of year again. When hordes of drunken college students descend upon tropical beaches to blow off some steam from the stresses of academia. There were no shortage of towns vying for the title of “First Massive Brawl Of Spring Break 2016.” Heading into the season, the clear-cut favorite was Panama City with 8 to 1 odds, next was San Padre Island with 18 to 1 odds and Daytona with 40 to 1 odds. But it was dark horse Fort Lauderdale that was the first to strike and win the prestigious title. Upset city.

The large group of spring break revelers gather on the beach and a fight erupts that involves tens of combatants, including one young man who was wielding something that looked like a Bam Bam bat. However, the hostilities were quickly quashed by Ft. Lauderdale police who rode in on horses with vibrant green clovers on their buttocks for St. Patty’s Day. What a festive ass. One poor dude seemed to get the brunt of the melee, and when he emerges from the pile he has a bloody face. Have a Schlitz beer and walk it off buddy.

There is a second video of the fracas with another view that is not vertical and features J.J. Abrams lens flare to make it more cinematic. Here’s to another great season of spring break fights!