Brazilian Woman Robbed During Live Report on High Rate of Brazilian Crime


Because FIFA and the IOC are corrupt and stupid, the World Cup and the Olympics are making their homes these next two years in Rio de Janiero, a city where one woman was recently robbed during a live news report. A report about the lack of police no less!

How the hell did this deleted Alanis Morissette lyric happen?

Because while Rio’s favelas grab attention for their contained misery, you’re not exactly safe in the “good” areas either. Favelas jut right next to the more affluent Rio, and the spillover results in “629 robberies on public transport just last August” and reported muggings soaring 40% in one year.

There were also 406 murders in the city in 2013. Vice just did an interesting bit on how armies are literally clearing out neighborhoods like war zones—hopefully so no dead bodies are at least visible when the tourists come to town—but it’s clear the crime problem isn’t going to go away in the next two years.

Anyway, this criminal got away, but it was barely a victory: he dropped the chain while being chased by the reporter. It’s unclear if cops were able to use the news footage to catch him. Rio is insane.

[H/T: Hypervocal]