If You Are Ever Arrested (And We Know You Will Be), Let A Green Beret Show You How To Bust Out Of Zip Cuff

I’m just speculating, but if you are ever arrested, Bro, it most likely won’t be when six cops come knocking on your door with a warrant.

Nah, you aren’t that kind of criminal. Probably. Your arrest will most likely be as you are committing some petty vandalism during a riot or some shit. Where you think you can’t get caught. Then, as cops are arresting people en masse, you will probably be cuffed with some zip ties.

“Fuck,” you’ll think. “I gotta get the fuck out of these. Mom is not gonna be happy to hear I was arrested. I should have watched that video I saw on BroBible months ago. I could be free right now. Fuck.”

Don’t let that happen to you, dudes. Break the fuck out.

[H/T @AdamWeinstein]