Guy Breaks Into A Gym Just To Work Out And Does A Couple Of Really Odd Things Between Sets

empty gym


I’ve never belongs to a 24 hour gym but I can see the appeal of the idea. There’s been more than a few times I’ve been up, wide awake, in the middle of the night with nothing to do. A couple sets of dumbbell presses wouldn’t be the worst idea.

This guy wanted to work out in the middle of the night. The bad news was that his gym wasn’t open 24 hours. That didn’t stop him.

Most people struggle to get motivated for even for a single hour of exercise. But one Edmonton man was willing to risk jail time, just to spend a night alone inside a gym — according to the facility’s owner.

The main breaker had been tripped, and the security alarms deactivated. Someone had picked the lock on the back door, and made their way inside overnight.

Pricey gym equipment and office computers were untouched. The only items missing: a T-shirt branded with the gym’s logo, an agility ladder, and a step counter.

The guy just wanted to workout. Not that weird. But he made it weird.

Equipment had been moved around, and a huge cardboard cutout of Bon Jovi, which the gym displays as a mascot of sorts, had been moved across the room — and turned to face a wall.

She found a pair of cycling shoes and a water bottle by the spin area. And the microphone used for fitness classes was out. To her, it seems he made himself “right at home.”

After his work-out, the bandit appears to have used one of the gym’s signature mint-scented towels to wipe down, placed it in the laundry basket, and refueled with a chicken wrap from Tim Horton’s, carefully dusting the crumbs and wrapper into the wastebasket.



So the cops and manager arrive and it was time for the big reveal!

“I look up and there he is, inside the studio, behind the door, and of course I screamed and thought: ‘Holy crap! How did he get back in?’ … everything was locked as we were showing the police around, so either he had broken in again or had been hiding the whole time.”

The intruder was wearing ladies gym wear that he appeared to have rummaged out of the gym’s lost and found bin.

Jails have gyms. He’ll be fine.

[via CBC]