Mom Gets Spray Tan, Breast Feeds Baby, Hilarity Ensues

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Facebook/Gemma Colley

Millions of girls, and some guys, get spray tans every single day, hoping that they can either set a base or maintain their cinnamon skin for as long as possible.

It turns out that one mom, Gemma Colley, may have chosen the wrong day to ditch the clothes and let the bronzer spray her up.

And thanks to the Internet, we can all enjoy her little error.

That’s because Gemma, who, after her tanning sesh breast fed her son, took a picture of the new 5 o’ clock shadow that her poor little dude sported, letting everyone on Facebook marvel at the outcome.

Using the caption, “From one mum to another, I’d like to let you know about my epic fail of fails,” she reminded everyone that, just because you read the baby books about how to raise a kid, doesn’t mean you always know what the hell your’e doing.


Facebook/Gemma Colley

To cover her ass, the mom posted a photo a few hours later to remind everyone that, yes, she actually knows how to breast feed properly, as her son had a cleaned up face the next time he housed her boobs.

I’ve never gotten a spray tan—nor intend to ever get one—but there could be worse things than sucking a boob to get some color.

It’s just too bad this little guy’s came from his mom. #Gross.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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