The Last Living 9/11 Rescue Dog Was Thrown A Dream ‘Sweet 16’ Birthday Party In NYC: ALL THE FEELS



This morning the ‘Feels Train’ is coming in at full steam, and you’re about to get run over by one of the most feel-good stories you’ll ever come across. I’ve never made any attempts to hide my affection for Bretagne, the 16-year-old golden retriever dog that is that last living 9/11 rescue dog. The last time posted in homage of Bretagne was on 9/11/14, almost a year ago from today. In that blog post from last year I went deep into Bretagne’s history and the significant role she played back during the September 11th attack. This post today’s quite different from that one, this post today includes a video of Bretagne the Rescue Dog’s spectacular ‘Sweet 16’ birthday party here in New York City, aka a ‘Dog’s Best Day’. This is one you’re going to want to share with everyone you know.

For her 16th birthday Bretagne the 9/11 Rescue Dog was given the best day of her life. After she was first greeted at LaGuardia Airport, Bretagne was chauffeured around New York City in a limousine. She was made an extra special birthday cake from the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company and District Dog. Bretagne was provided with a luxurious dog-friendly suite at the 1 Hotel Central Park where she was hooked up with endless dog treats and a plush dog bed. She went to Hudson River Park to play with some local Manhattan doggies, and BarkBox rolled all but out the red carpet for her. Like I said, Bretagne the Heroic 9/11 Search and Rescue Dog was given the BEST DAY OF HER LIFE. So CHOO CHOO, and ALL ABOARD THE FEELS TRAIN:

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And it’s okay if the room got a little dusty while you were watching that video, the feels train has no brakes and it takes no prisoners. Just blame it on someone cutting onions and/or a local dust storm.