A Bride Cut Through Her Chastity Belt, Naturally The Internet Photoshopped It To Make It Better

God love the Internet. And God love Photoshop. Combine those two things and really you don’t even need a television. Case in point: that photo you see above of a bride sawing off her chastity belt.

First off, people still wear chastity belts? No way. This has to be a gag right? I’m going with a gag. Anyway, it’s a great photo. But not one that couldn’t be improved upon just a littttle bit with the help of some clever Photoshop work.

Get it? Bush?

A little less subtlety on that one.

Safety first.

The wild new dance craze.

Best wedding reception ever.

Okay, I’m out of not-so-witty comments. Please insert your own from here.

And finally, the pièce de résistance…

Of course there are TONS more over at Reddit so feel free to kill the rest of your workday there.

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