Britain’s Strongest Man Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall Consumes An INSANE 10,000 Calories A Day, Here’s What He Eats

They don’t call Eddie Hall “The Beast” for nothing. He accomplished ridiculous pyramid deadlifts and beating out The Mountain from Game of Thrones and setting the record for deadlifting. But to fuel that 385-pound powerhouse Eddie needs a shit-ton of food. Like 10,000 calories a day.

Britain’s Strongest Man, who can eat up to eight meals every day, doesn’t eat fun little snacks. Eddie Hall fucking EATS!

Eddie consumes 1,000 calories with 2 scoops of Dynamo gainer with full fat milk and a cup of green tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil. And that’s even BEFORE he starts eating breakfast. Hall then has a smoothie of raspberries, blueberries, spinach, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, wheatgrass, milk thistle, wheat germ and goji berries.

At 9:30 a.m., when he actually eats breakfast or as he calls it, “meal 2,” he does it big time.

  • Organic poached eggs
  • Organic chopped tomatoes
  • Organic baked beans
  • Two sausages
  • Two bacon
  • Two fried bread
  • Black pudding
  • 1 castle oakcake with 25g cheese
  • Almond breakfast bar
  • Organic banana
  • Peach
  • Actimel
  • 1ltr innocent fruit juice with 1 scoop of Protein Dynamix micronised BCAA’s

For his mid-morning snack, Hall goes with something “mid-carb, mid-protein heavy” such as two pieces of toast with peanut butter.

To fuel his body through his grueling workouts he pounds energy drinks throughout the day. For lunch he’ll enjoy 300g chicken or steak, 300g of rice or pasta, 200g of vegetables.

For dinner, the “deadlift king” will chow down on spaghetti bolognese with 200g worth of vegetables as a side and half a liter of protein-mousse dessert.

On an average day, The Beast will end up consuming an incredible 9,000-10,000 calories. My tummy is full just reading that crazy diet.


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