British Soldier Storms ISIS Hideout And Single-Handedly Kills Six Jihadis To Cripple ISIS Ambush

British army sniper in Helmand

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The headline of this story would have been a lot different, a lot more somber, if it weren’t for one brave British solider who saved a handful of lives with his massive testicles.

A British special forces squad was tasked with smuggling and agent into war-torn Syria when they were bombarded with 30 ISIS militants. The same ISIS militants who recently executed nine men and a boy in public for being gay. The SAS team had arranged a meeting with Syrian nationals after crossing over the border from Iraq, but were set up.

Outnumbered and outgunned, jihadis began firing at the small group of British soldiers from all angles, including a one-story house, while the SAS squad took cover in a  nearby ditch.

The good guys decided to abandon the mission but needed to destroy at least two enemy positions in order to escape the mayhem. That’s when the solider with the massive testicles (mentioned above) who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, armed with an Origin-12 shotgun equipped with a light, a silencer and can fire 12-gauge shells in eight seconds, decided to get big.

The soldier emptied one full magazine as he ran directly toward the jihadi hideout. Other SAS soldiers fired shots to brush-back the enemy and give their guy a less treacherous path.

Upon arriving at the one-story ISIS hideout, the soldier kicked open the door and started spraying bullets in every direction, killing six militants within seconds, and causing three to flee.

This provided his team with a clear escape path to safety.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, a source said:

“It was a classic SAS encounter. They had lost the initiative when the ambush was sprung.

They were out-gunned and out-numbered but the team remained calm and focused.

The last thing the jihadis expected was to be attacked, given that the SAS team consisted of eight men and there were at least 30 enemy fighters.

The SAS quickly regained the initiative by using courage, aggression and firepower.”

The agent was sent to Syria days later at another border crossing point and was able to pass on critical intelligence to the US Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq.

So brave. So bro.

[h/t Express]