I’ve Never Hated Anyone More Than This Stupid British Tourist Who Thinks She Can Disarm An NYPD Officer

I came across this image over on Imgur where it has the PERFECT headline: “Because the British have had a great track record of taking guns away from Americans…” I almost didn’t even share this with you bros because there’s no way I could top that original headline, but as I stared at this image my rage began to grow, and I now feel that it’s my duty to get you bros to share this far and wide.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking at here this image is showing a British tourist’s Facebook rant (a British tourist who now may or may not live in NYC) after seeing a police officer at a Starbucks in NYC. My co-worker just asked me ‘what leads her to believe she could disarm this bro?’ and to that I responded ‘She’s British, she is only partially weaponed trained, but can’t you see from her very serious glasses that this cheeky tourist means business?’ I mean, look at her thick rimmed black glasses, cherry red lipstick, and bohemian pashmina….She means business.

Never mind the fact that the last time the British tried to take guns away from Americans they lost the colonies, what astonishes me most about this post is that a tourist actually had these thoughts and then went on to share them on social media. Is it not a bit insane to see an officer of the law and let your mind wander to ‘I bet I could disarm that person who has spent their entire career undergoing weapons training’? So she shares this post, it goes viral, and we’re just supposed to forget about this because she’s British and the whole world thinks we’re gun crazy? Fuck that. Ban her from ever entering the country again.

It appears that the post has since been removed from Tumblr, and she now lists NYC as one of her places of residence. So I’m guessing she learned to live with out raucous NYC gun battles (NYC being one of the safest cities on planet earth).