Bro And His 20 Best Friends Do A Photoshoot After Bride Sends A Professional Photographer To The Bachelor Party

Trend alert: If you’re at a bachelor party and a professional photographer shows up to document the insanity, just roll with it. Bachelor party photoshoots are about to be the hot new thing. Yesterday we received the following e-mail about a bachelor party photoshoot in Folley Beach, South Carolina.

I’m not sure Bachelor Photo shoots are a thing yet, but I’m thinking they should be.

Using a tarp, my husband Derek set up a 60 foot slip-and-slide into the ocean in Folley Beach, South Carolina where he rented out a house for 20 guys to celebrate his bachelor trip. As a surprise (because I know how much he loves a photo-opp), I sent a professional photographer to capture some BroPhotos.. .Here is a sample. I would happy to send you the full edit (lots of slip and sliding, lots of Man Pyramids).

Pretty solid surprise. Definitely more original than the bride-to-be chipping in for a bottle of tequila. Plus the content coming out of it is aces. Take a look:

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