This Drunk Bro Defied Common Sense And Deep Fried His Fresh Pair of Yeezy Boosts

Ever love something so much you just find yourself a helpless cause to not eat the shit outta’ it? Like you need that thing, that something whatever it is so damn bad that eating it is a meaningful act of worship? Yeah, well apparently this guy thought it’d be super chill to munch on a deep fried pair of Yeezy Boosts. I think we gotta’ give credit where it’s deserved though, and agree that this half-baked idea rolled in on the Vodka tide somewhere round the halfway point he powered through that bottle you’ll see him slinging around in the video like a white girl wasted jabronie. Check those YouTube comments too bros, because people have penned their genuine outrage over this attention-whoremongering act of absurdity.