Bro Who Ate 5,000 Calories Of Crap Daily Ditches Candy And Takes Only Seven Months To Become Ripped Bodybuilder

28-year-old Sebastian David reportedly used to eat 5,000 calories of sweets, fried and fast food (KFC chicken buckets were apparently his specialty) every day. With a weekly grocery bill of over $200 a week spent on unhealthy foods and general shit foods, it wasn’t until his father passed away that Sebastian realized it was time for him to change unless he wanted to wind up in an early grave as well.

According to Mirror, Sebastian went from 202 pounds to just 147 within seven months through proper diet and exercise, and while it took him another eight to finally rank in his first nationwide competition (he came in seventh), for a total of 15 months that’s one helluva transformation:

He swapped the beer and burger belly for a rippling six-pack and was soon encouraged by those at his local gym to try out for bodybuilding competitions.

And just 15 months after picking up weights for the first time in years, Sebastian finished seventh in a nationwide competition.

That led to a slew of topless modelling offers – and now he has become one of Britain’s most eligible singletons.(via)

Reflecting on his transformation, Sebastian says that getting fat actually wound up being a “good thing” for him because otherwise he “wouldn’t be doing the stuff I am now without it.”

Prior to turning his life around, a typical day of food for Sebastian reportedly consisted of “a cooked breakfast of bacon, sausages and fried eggs, a lunch of two Greggs pasties and two sausage rolls, KFC chicken for dinner and snacks of chocolate, crisps and ‘anything in the cupboards.’”

Hot damn did this guy love sausage.

His current diet is clearly nowhere near as unhealthy:

… he kicked the £20-a-day habit and began hitting the gym daily while on a tailored 3,300 calorie diet of oats, eggs and blueberries for breakfast, chicken, sweet potato and broccoli for lunch and salmon and white potatoes for dinner.

The junk food snacks were also banished and replaced with rice cakes and almond butter with fruit, turkey and rice, protein shakes and a dessert of cottage cheese and nuts.(via)

Just seven months after swapping the sweets for veggies and the couch for the gym, Sebastian says his body was at “competition” level:

“Within a couple of months I started posting pictures online and got really positive reactions, then the following year I was on stage in a bodybuilding competition, which I never expected.

“It was almost a conscious decision to comfort eat to get over my father’s illness because I’ve always enjoyed food and eating out.

… He is now targeting a top-three finish at his second bodybuilding event in Belfast in May.(via)

As for whether or not he was truly “competition worthy” after seven months…well, the photos speak for themselves:

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