Bro Dumps Girlfriend Who Cheated While Studying Abroad With Savage ‘Love Letter’ That Burns Real Bad At The End



You smell that? You may think it’s bacon, but in reality it’s the smell of sizzling flesh as this girl treats the massive burn wound on the side of her body. According to our tipster via the BroBible Tip Line, the guy who wrote this note was “dating” a girl while she studied abroad in Europe. After returning to the states, he kept trying and trying to meet up with her until she finally agreed to dinner. Guy drives two hours to meet her (a waste of gas money if you ask me, but when you’re hell-bent on revenge I understand his resolve), finishes the meal by handing her this card…


BroBible Tipster


BroBible Tipster


BroBible Tipster

…walking out, and leaving her with the bill.

Ouch. Hope he ordered the steak.