Bro Finds Someone’s Crashed Into His Parked Car And The Note They Left Is Either Douchetastic Or Hilarious


twitter tcalloww

On one hand it’s real shitty that some dude dinged Twitter user Tcalloww’s car and didn’t leave any insurance information…but on the other hand, the guy’s tweet about it does have over 40,000 re-tweets and almost 70,000 likes. How many of you can boast to having had that much response on just one tweet? Granted, Twitter followers don’t pay for car repairs, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Upon returning to his car, Tcalloww found that someone had dented it…and left this very, very unhelpful note:


twitter tcalloww

Hey man, you do what you gotta do to make ends meet, and if that means you bullshit your way through a fake note so that the guy watching you from across the street doesn’t report you, then so be it. If he can afford repairs that’s a different story – then you’re just a doucher. Fuck you.

[H/T Daily Mail]