This Bro Is Totally Going To Bang This Girl On Tinder After Having An Entire Relationship With Her Via Texts

by 5 years ago


You gotta love it when Tinder ignites a relationship spark, even if it’s just for some rando sexy time cause THE THIRST IS REAL. This Bro hit the jackpot of all Tinder exchanges with a cool chick who was just rolling with it. Over the course of about 26 text messages, they go through what their future relationship would look like: A nice quiet house in the ‘burbs, a white Christmas, Tuna casserole dinners, handjobs, sex that last 47 seconds…

Then she let’s him know that she “keeps it clean” and, well, it’s pretty much just a lay-up from there.

The closer is Bro as fuck: “Hit me with your number if you want to catch some pipe.”

Digits secured. Call this Bro the plumber because pipe will be laid…








Hell yeah. Catch that pipe…

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